Life Stages



Children are expensive. And as they grow, so does the expense; clothes, hobbies, technology, holidays, a bigger house! And while a private education and university fees seem a long way off, they need to be accounted for. Your finances should be planned now to avoid disappointment later. Speak to us about your plans now and we can break down the cost and make it more manageable.


If you are considering a private education, especially if you have more than one child, the cost can be crippling. The sooner you can start planning for school fees the better. We have a range of trusts which we can match to your personal needs to ensure you are ready for the first day of school.


The introduction of new tuition fees means that university or college are now even more expensive than ever. If you haven’t made provision to cover these costs, we can help you find alternative funding so you can allow your child to make the most of their higher education.


Earning your own money is a huge leap into independence. But rather than spending every wage packet, it’s worth planning for the expense which lies ahead by getting into the habit of regular saving. Cars, houses, marriage and children are all large expenses even retirement planning is also best started early. We can help to get you on the right financial track early, putting you ahead of the game and in the best possible place for all that the future holds.



The financial implications of marriage don’t end with the big day. There are many financial questions which arise; from joint accounts and retirement planning to starting a family and moving house. A marriage is the perfect time to start future financial planning.


A new job hopefully means more income and benefits, so it is a good time to consider your financial provisions and objectives. We can help you take a fresh look at your finances to give you a fresh financial start to go with your new job.


Most parents aim to give their children the best possible experience of life, which usually means there will be expenses along the way.

It is important to make plans for all the events which life may throw your way. Now that you have children you should make provisions in the tragic event of you or you partner dying. An up-to-date will ensures that your loved ones would not have to worry about their financial position at a time of trauma and distress.

Now is also the time to plan for education costs, which can be substantial. We can arrange wills and trusts for you just let us know your requirements and we will do the rest.


If you are moving to a bigger house it is possible you will need to review your financial arrangements to manage larger mortgage payments, for example.

If you are downsizing it is likely you will have excess funds which could be invested.


If you start your own business, you will need to consider more than just the accounts. Provision should be made for unexpected events such as sickness which may affect your profitability and therefore, the lives of your family and staff. Retirement plans should also be reconsidered when you launch a new business.


It is an unfortunate reality that you may become divorced from your partner. If this happens to you it is important that you take financial advice to re-assess your plans and future objectives and ensure the best financial outcome for everybody concerned.



If you come into money unexpectedly, or if you receive a large inheritance, it is important for you to consider how best to use the money. Our financial advisors can help guide you towards achieving your goals by maximizing the return on your windfall.


If you start working overseas you are likely to need expert advice about taxation, exchange rates, etc. It’s also important to make sure you’re not taxed twice – once in the country where you are working and again back in the UK. Our financial advisors have international experience and can help with these matters.


Being made redundant can be a time of stress and self-doubt. However, it can bring with it a substantial redundancy package, which could be used to achieve some of your future plans. Our financial planners can help you make sense of what may be a difficult time.


With the children having left home and your earnings at a peak this is often a time of questioning yourself and making impulse purchases!

A meeting with one of our financial advisors can help you make sensible decisions, re-plan your goals and make retirement considerations.


For some this is a happy decision and the start of a life of leisure, however for others it has been forced upon them by employment cuts and ‘voluntary’ retirement.

Whatever your situation, a meeting with one of our advisors can help you plan your retirement and make the most of your time and money.

AGED 50+


Grandchildren can bring a huge amount of pleasure, and a huge amount of expense! Taking them on outings, presents, treats, etc. can all add up.

Or maybe you would like to help your children financially as they start their own families, or pay for school fees etc.

Meeting with one of our financial planners can help you manage your income while treating your grandchildren as-and-when you want to.


Retirement is a time when many people decide to see the world. Planning your finances throughout your life should be done as carefully as planning your big trip, in order that you are able to afford it when the time comes.


Retirement is a time for relaxing and spending more time doing the things you enjoy. However, as people live longer, so retirement is becoming longer and financial provisions may not be in place to maintain the lifestyle you expected. Financial planning throughout your working life will ensure you can enjoy all of your later years, to the full.


A financially secure retirement can generally only be achieved with long term planning. Once you retire, your financial situation will change, with benefits you may have enjoyed through your job no longer available. Now is the time to ensure your financial situation can provide for possible ill health, and to make sure your will is up-to-date.


Approximately one in three people in the UK die without a will. Wills are not just for the very wealthy. Whatever assets you leave behind; your will ensures your possessions are distributed the way you want.

An estimated £2.3billion is added to the Treasury coffers every year by people who fail to plan for what happens after their death.