Recent Deals

A selection of recently completed finance deals:

Lead advisor – acquisition of German trading company - £600k

Lead advisor – sale of group of companies in the packaging industry - £30 million

Advisor on the acquisition of electronic manufacturing company - £200k

Funding for motor sport company - £1 million

Advice and support with EIS and SEED EIS fundraising and investments

Lead advisor on sale of structural engineering business - £400k

Support with management buy out of computer technology and support company - £3.2 million

Successfully negotiating and securing funding for property business - £2 million

Due diligence for acquisition of independent brewery - £1 million

Lead advisor – sale of independent online publishing company - £1.2 million

Lead advisor – acquisition of online web development company £1.5 million

Lead advisor on sale of independent book publishing business - £12 million

Advisors – acquisition of French trading company - £575k

Lead advisor on sale of motor spares distributor - £1.5 million

Advisor and negotiator on acquisition of public house and freehold property - £750k

Lead advisor on sale of engineering business - £800k

Lead advisor on acquisition of engineering company - £1 million